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Countdown of a rocket launch

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Slapstick Movie posters


Garish, bright, loud, the posters usually involve illustrations of the stars pulling some ridiculous face or humorous action. They are simple, not technical, and perfectly capture the silly, over-the-top atmosphere of slapstick films.

Don't really get anything more from the use of red in the title here, as Laurel and Hardy are memorable by name, not initial. This could be a technique that I could employ in my poster, perhaps linking actor/producor/director's names with the title?

I'm not particularly fond of the illustrations on this poster, or of the jaunty type that screams at you from the centre. However, having watched clips of Laurel and Hardy films, this loud, fun, over-the-top and gaudy atmosphere is exactly the kind of feeling that their ridiculous behaviour creates in the films.